$70 off half shares, $100 off whole shares

if you place your deposit before December 31, 2018. Alluvial Farms custom pork shares make great holiday gifts! For delivery late February -early March 2019.

In the holiday letter spirit, here are some highlights of our past year, and our goals for 2019:
In 2018 Alluvial Farms:

  • Purchased a 45-acre home farm in mid-February, with the support of the Whatcom Land Trust and Whatcom Conservation District, and a farm ownership loan from the USDA Farm Service Agency.

  • Built a yurt on the farm and moved in mid-May.

  • Built a clear span barn on the farm and dedicated ten acres of the farm to rotational pig pasture. Litter by litter moved fifty pigs onto the farm.

  • Dedicated twenty acres of the farm to organic grain production and on October 7th sowed our first crop of winter barley (Talisman), to be harvested by combine in June 2019 for pig food.

  • Purchased an eighty-horsepower tractor, seed drill, and mixer-mill for processing our own organic grain ration on-farm.

  • Became members of the North Cascades Meat Producers Cooperative.

  • Helped to start the Bellingham Meat Shop to cooperatively market naturally grown meat sourced from the North Cascades Meat Producers Cooperative.


In 2019 Alluvial Farms

plans to:

  • Raise 150 hogs on pasture

  • Become certified as a farm that is:

    • Animal Welfare Approved

    • Salmon Safe

    • Certified Naturally Grown

    • Certify our grain fields and pastures as Organic

  • Deliver custom pork shares to over 150 families

  • Conduct on farm research with the support of the USDA on nutrient cycling in pastured pork systems.

  • Work with a local processor to begin to offer USDA inspected bacon, sausage, and pork lard for individual sales.

  • Remove blackberry and install fencing to prepare for the planting of a ten-acre riparian forest buffer along the farm's salmon bearing creek, in partnership with the Whatcom Conservation District.

  • Visit us at the Bellingham Farmers Market: January 19, February 16, and March 16, 2019, from 10am-3pm. Find individual cuts of Alluvial pastured pork or talk to us about bulk shares.

  • Farm Visits: Want to visit with Alluvial Farms to learn more about our practices and meet the Alluvial pigs? Look for monthly farm walks starting in February 2019.