Alluvial Farms 2017 Do-It-Yourself on-farm Butchering Workshop

 2017 event on sale now, Sunday October 1, 2017 - at Circle F Farms, Bellingham, WA

Learn hands-on knife skills and pork butchery techniques with Alluvial Farms. Throughout a nose-to-tail butchery demonstration we'll review anatomy and cooking tips. Learn how to break down & de-bone properly. Discuss sourcing pasture-raised pork in today's food system. Learn where your favorite cuts sit on the animal, and discover pieces you never knew existed. Nothing connects you to your food quite like this experience. Participants are of all skill levels and share knowledge with one another.

Workshop will be held at Circle F Farms, 15 minutes east of Bellingham, WA on the Mt Baker Highway.

Break down & package your own family's animal into the cuts, sausage, and roasts you desire. No experience necessary and family friendly.  Alluvial Farms will provide instruction, demonstration & your animal. We will also provide a sausage grinder, industrial vacuum sealer, rolls of plastic bags for vacuum sealer, and extra knives. Bring your own boning knives, hack saws, hand towels, apron, cooler to take your share home with you, and something to contribute to the potluck meal we will share as we work.