This Easter, we celebrated with an Alluvial Ham!  I had done the butchering myself, with Matthew and Katie’s pro guidance, and so was excited to see how my boneless variation on the classic would roast up for a spring holiday feast.

I started that morning by brining the Ham.  I would prefer to have a full day in the brine, but life.  I used the bottom end of a growler and a couple of n/a beers a friend had left in my fridge along with plenty of salt and sugar, some rosemary, thyme, sage and bay leaves.  We don’t use as much salt as most brines and we loooove recycling, as you’ll see.  Ideally you heat up the brine to mix the sugar and salt evenly, but I never do and it did a great job, as you’ll see.

From there we put it in our favorite glazed cast iron dutch oven with 2 cups from the brine and into the electric oven at 300 degrees for about an hour and a half.  We use the 20 minute per pound rule, and so at that point our temperature was 140 inside, so then we dropped the temp to 250 and got started on the glaze.

For the glaze we brought back about a cup of that delicious brine and added ¾ cup of honey, some brown sugar, and whatever else was lying around saying “ooh, drizzle me on that pig, baby”.  Cooked that up until it reduced to about a third of its original volume and then took the lid off, cranked it to 400 degrees, drizzled and redrizzled every ten minutes until the glaze was gone.  And here we were:

Mix with some home-grown beans and grits, and serve with friends!

Thanks Hilary & Sean!