Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What cuts are included with the cut and wrap service (ex. how many pork chops in a half pig, ribs, shoulder, etc)?  Check out What to expect with your pork share
  2. Is a quarter pig available? We recommend teaming up with another family/individual on a half pig. This is a great way to build community around healthy and delicious food. The mix of cuts and small packages will make it easy to divide a half or whole pig. We also offer 30, 60 and 90 lb shares of mixed cuts. 
  3. Is it possible to buy certain cuts/portions of an animal? All cuts are available in the half or whole pig purchase.  We also offer 30, 60, and 90 lb shares of mixed, frozen, USDA inspected cuts. We offer individual cuts at our farmstand at the Bellingham Farmers Market. We want to menu plan with you for 2018. Contact us with wholesale or custom inquiries. 
  4. What if I don't know how to use all the hog parts (i.e. trotters, head, lard, ears, etc)? The pig is unique in that all parts - snout to tail are edible. Entrails are not included in hanging weight or purchase. If you are not interested in fat, head, organ meat, or other cuts, consider going in on a pig share with a family that is. Or use this an an excuse to get more adventurous in the kitchen. Check out our Hall of Fame page for recipe ideas.
  5. What effect does dairy have on the meat? Pigs go hog wild for dairy products and Whatcom County is home to 100+ dairy farms, many of whom do their own processing and market directly to the consumer. Our pigs are fed milk from Twinbrook Creamery, which produces non homogenized, small vat pasteurized Jersey cream milk. No growth hormones are used at this dairy.  Pork is known to take on flavors of their food, and we have found dairy-finished pork to be exceptionally tender.
  6. Can I get my share delivered to my home? Yes. We currently offer delivery to your doorstep in the greater Seattle and Bellingham areas. If you select cut and wrap services, you can also choose to pick up your pork share from the butcher in Snohomish county, Del Fox Meats. 
  7. How much freezer space do I need for a whole or half pig share? A whole pig share should fit into a small chest freezer (roughly five cubic feet) and a half share should fit into a standard refrigerator's freezer. 
  8. What is healthy lard? There is a lot of information out there to help make the case that lard from pastured pigs is heart healthy, high in vitamin D, temperature stable, flavor neutral cooking product. Click here to check out one of these online sources. 
  9. Is my deposit refundable? In the spirit of community supported agriculture, up-front money helps a farm business cash flow throughout the year. We do not offer refunds on deposits. 
  10. Do you offer delivery outside of Seattle or Bellingham? Considered on a case by case basis for towns between Seattle and Bellingham.