How do I get my share? You can choose to pick up at the butcher in Stanwood, WA or you can choose delivery to your doorstep in Seattle or Bellingham. 


Delivery to your home ...

A half pork share fits nicely into two layers on the bottom of a small chest freezer, or a few shelves in an extra freezer in the garage. 

How can I pay for the deposit? Online with a credit card or paypal account. 

How & when do I pay my balance due? Upon delivery or before pick up at the butcher with cash or mail a check to Alluvial Farms, 3825 Cabrant Road, Everson, WA 98247.

Is it easy to share between a few families or individuals? 

Yes! One family places the deposit, and is responsible for coordinating pick up or delivery with the farmer, and paying the balance due on delivery. Specify smaller roasts on your cut sheet. Your share will be delivered in many small packages, vacuum sealed and frozen. It is easy to divide between multiple families or individuals and a great way to bring folks together and create community over good food.  

How much freezer space will I need to store a half pork share?

Half pork share...

Fits exactly in Eli's fridge freezer, with room for other items in the door. He & Emily were going to bring home a small chest freezer from the hardware store for $150 the day after we delivered to accommodate their new windfall. 

Additional Costs

Smoking & curing hams and bacon is an additional $0.65/lb. Sausage flavoring is a flat $4 fee. Side pork or bacon slicing is a flat $6 fee. Boneless and special cuts are $2/piece. 

    Hanging weight:

    Alluvial Farms will bill you for the hanging weight of your whole or half animal after it has been slaughtered & eviscerated. Average hanging weight of a half pig is 100-115 lbs. Final bills will reflect your down payment. Our price per pound for cut & wrapped pork includes butchering fees. It is industry standard to calculate hanging weight with the head, skin, and feet included. Industry standard for loss during processing is 20-25% of hanging weight. This is usually due to removal of skin and associated fat. Please let us know if you are interested in a skin-on order. Your final bill can be paid upon delivery.   

    Alluvial Farms Cut Sheet: 

    The list below are the options for customization on the form that will pop up when you submit your deposit, such as thickness of chops, size of roasts, and pounds of ground pork per package. Bone in roasts and chops always cook up juicier.

    What to expect from a half pork share? This list is an estimate and your actual share may differ slightly. Double this for a whole pork share. 

    • 13 lb pork chops 1″ – total of 23 pork chops
    • 3 lb spare ribs
    • 9 lb ground sausage meat in 1 lb packages
    • 15 lb fresh ham – can elect to ask butcher to smoke cure, or not. Can leave as roasts or cut into steaks
    • 8 lb fresh pork belly – option to smoke, cure & slice as bacon
    • 10 lb shoulder roast, a.k.a. picnic roast
    • 4 lb butt pork roast, a.k.a Boston butt
    • 5 lb stew bones – good for dogs, or great for making soup or stew
    • 8 lb fat – easy to render this on the stove top or in a slow cooker to make your own lard or feed it to dogs or chickens
    • 10 lb extras: head, feet, offal.        

    Please contact Alluvial Farms if you have any questions about this cut sheet or customization options.