Two fantastic options for your pork preferences: Custom Share and Monthly Mix.

Two fantastic options for your pork preferences: Custom Share and Monthly Mix.

Introducing two fantastic options for your pork preferences: Custom Share and Monthly Mix. Both products offer a similar price per pound, but the distinction lies in the delivery experience.

See below for a comparison of our two pork subscription types: annual and monthly. Do you prefer to watch or listen to a video? Click here to listen to the replay of our live describing the two programs. Or read on...

**Custom Share Membership:**
If you're looking to stock up for the year with 45# (quarter hog), 75# (half hog), or 165# (whole hog) of premium pork, the Custom Share is perfect for you. Your pork will arrive all at once, frozen and meticulously vacuum-sealed. With a chest freezer, your pork shopping for the year is complete. Enjoy the flexibility of customization by filling out a Google form with your preferred delivery month and specific requests.

Curious what the 3-4 cubic feet of freezer space needed for a half hog looks like in practice? Click here to see a video of a half hog packed into a freezer...

New for 2024, we'll send you a copy of your custom cut sheet a week before it goes to the butcher for a final review. A follow-up call the week after delivery ensures everything met your expectations. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means we'll make any necessary changes or updates post-delivery.

Detailed information on the cuts included in each share (quarter, half, whole) is available on our website. Secure your share with a down payment at the time of purchase. Choose a one time purchase or an annual membership at checkout. Annual payments for recurring memberships will be collected on January 1 of each year. Each year's price is locked in when the down payment is paid. Your balance will be paid just before delivery, via online invoice. 

**Monthly Mix Membership:**
For those who prefer a monthly pork supply, the Monthly Mix Membership is tailored to you. Choose between 6-7# ($75/month) or 11# ($150/month) of pork for convenient monthly pick-ups at our Saturday Bellingham Farmers Market booth (10-2) or our Friday on-farm pick-up (2-7).

As our first-ever monthly pork subscribers, you'll be part of a small group receiving a monthly Google form to preview bag contents and make customizations. Enjoy the flexibility to pay month by month, with the option to pause or opt-out anytime. Our standard 100% satisfaction guarantee applies to each monthly subscription.

Explore the details of each option on our website and embark on a delicious journey with our premium pork offerings!

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