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Alluvial Pets Club FAQ's

As members of the Alluvial Pets Club, you'll enjoy the same amazing price of $15 per bag of our two ingredient pork liver treats delivered to your mailbox. This unbeatable offer not only ensures convenience and freshness but also translates to significant savings, as you'll essentially enjoy free shipping or a 25% discount on each bag of our wholesome treats. 

** Choose the subscription options that work best for your family.**

** Customization options include monthly or bi-monthly, and number of bags. **

** Add a pet meal topper subscription as well. **

** Check out for $15 per bag (plus sales tax) in less than one minute. **

** Your monthly recurring payment will post the same day each month. **

** 100% satisfaction guarantee. **

** Pause or cancel any time. **

** You experience the joy of receiving our wholesome treats delivered straight to your mailbox on distribution day: the first Friday of every month. **

Wholesome simplicity

Behind the scenes - how Alluvial Farms pet treat products are made.

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  • "My dogs are mad at me because I ran out of snacks. I will certainly need to get more. They even pulled the empty bag out of the garbage so they could lick it clean. Congrats on another great product!"

    -N. Pope, Everson, WA

  • "My dog loves these treats, they are good for her, and they come from an admirable, trustworthy farm who is willing to mail them to me so we don't run out."

    - L. Hucke, Bellingham, WA

  • "I can't tell ya how much my little dog loves your treats. She is pretty not enthused with her normal food but man your treats get her tail a wagging! She can smell that they are the real deal. Happy I found you and very proud to support a local outfit that cares about the soil and their critters."

    -R. Market, Lopez Island

Alluvial Pets Club

We started our business ten years ago to live simply, make high quality food for Puget Sound communities, and improve our community and the land we farm on with regenerative practices. Join our farm to fido CSA today and let our family make caring for your beloved pets easy and rewarding. We look forward to serving you.


Katie & Matthew

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