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Alluvial Farms

Pork Liver Pet Treats

Pork Liver Pet Treats

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We all have a special pet in our lives. 

Here at Alluvial Farms, Mr. Trout the dog has provided his unconditional wagging love and enthusiasm through many adventures. In return we have created a treat to match his specialness. 

Now your pet care and training routine can feel good to you and taste delicious to your pets. 

Alluvial pork has been the solution to your local pork search struggle. In the same way, Alluvial Farms pet treats are the solution to your struggle to find natural, nutrient dense treats for your pet that are friendly to the planet and support Animal Welfare Approved farming.

Seven reasons you are going to love Alluvial Farms pet treats: 

  • hand made in-house using our own Animal Welfare Approved pork liver,
  • two ingredient,
  • grain free,
  • corn/soy free,
  • human grade,
  • humanely sourced,
  • and non-GMO.

Order today for on farm pick up or to ship anywhere in the USA. Also available weekly at our booth at the Saturday Bellingham Farmers Market. 


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This two-ingredient pet treat uses pork liver from Alluvial's Animal Welfare Approved hog operation. Garbanzo bean flour is added to increase dehydrating performance and protein content. Both the organ meat and flour are human-grade, resulting in a top notch product for your pet!


5oz resealable package of dehydrated liver and garbanzo bean flour. Animals and pet treats are produced at Alluvial Farms, a small family farm in Whatcom County, WA.


Let's keep it simple! A high protein two-ingredient pet treat.

  • Dehydrated pork liver
  • Garbanzo bean flour

No Corn, no soy, no preservatives!

"Bloo loves them!!!"

- Ceylon Keeslar -

  • Ethically Raised Meat

    Alluvial Farms is an Animal Welfare Approved hog operation

  • USDA Inspected

    Animals are harvested under USDA inspection, insuring the highest quality meat and organ products.

  • Two-Ingredients

    You WON'T find any grain, soy, preservatives nor a long list of other additives. Just liver and garbanzon bean flour.

  • Locally Produced

    Alluvial Farms raises the animals and Alluvial Farms produces the pet treats!