Discover the Faces Behind Your Favorite Pork Treasures

Discover the Faces Behind Your Favorite Pork Treasures

Ever been curious about the faces behind your families favorite pork? Get ready to meet the awesome folks who make it happen. 

First up we have the incredible farmers who make our pork so special. These dedicated individuals pour their passion into raising the happiest pigs with the greatest care for the land and the soil. Matthew and Curtis have been tending to the farm with love and care, creating a haven where pigs roam freely, enjoying a life full of an expression of their true pigness. Their commitment to ethical farming practices and ensuring the well-being of every pig is truly inspiring.

Farmer & Alluvial Farms co-owner: Matthew McDermott

Farmer Mateo is a graduate of UC Santa Cruz Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems apprenticeship program. He holds a Master’s degree in Agricultural and Resource Studies from the Michigan State University.  He has over 15 years of experience in agricultural production and new farm business incubation at the Michigan State research farm, Seattle Tilth Farm Works, and Cloud Mountain Farm Center.

Matthew and his trusty farm companion, Trout, share an incredible bond forged through many adventures including hiking the California and Washington portions of the Pacific Crest Trail.

Farmer Spotlight: Curtis Pritz
In addition to working as a mechanic in his younger days, Curtis is a classically trained chef, showcasing his culinary mastery through locally sourced dinners and captivating cooking demos right here on the farm. His farming journey began with an interest in learning agricultural practices at the Cloud Mountain Farm Center. This trifecta of amazing skill sets makes Curtis an invaluable and seamless addition to our dedicated team for the past two years.

Farm Mate Spotlight: Rob Jordan
Rob enjoys working in agriculture so much so that he maintains three food system jobs from working for a seed vendor, to owning his own vegetable business and as production manager for Alluvial's pet treats. If the need arises for us to leave the farm, Rob is here to care for the animals and offer a helping hand with projects or tackle any infrastructure challenges that arise.


Next, meet the marketing team at Alluvial Farms. Katie (myself) and Alex are the dynamic duo steering the ship of our ethical pig farming dreams and aspirations and propelling our pork, pet treat, and skin care products into the limelight. With our boundless creativity, we craft enchanting campaigns and share heartwarming stories that touch the hearts of our clients.

We see ourselves as creatives. We are the masterminds behind the smiles our posts bring and the architects of every promotion. We have a knack for turning daily events into tales and transforming our brand into a thriving community.

Lead Marketer & Alluvial Farms co-owner: Katie Pencke
My passion for farming sprouted from my undergraduate work in ecology. At the age of 29, I spent a thrilling 13 months bike touring and volunteering on farms across the USA and Europe. When I returned home, those adventures would sow the seeds of my fascination with agriculture and led to professional experiences as a program manager for Seattle Tilth and Conservation Planner at King and Whatcom Conservation Districts. Now, whether crafting compelling campaigns or growing happy healthy pigs, I bring a unique blend of marketing prowess and a livestock farmer's grit to the team.

Marketing Assistant: Alex
Alex joined our team with a passion for farming and a wealth of experience. Before joining Alluvial Farms, she served as a dedicated ranch manager in Tenino, WA. From handling cattle and pigs to revamping the marketing program, Alex's skills and knowledge are deeply rooted in the agricultural world. Her commitment to sustainable farming and enhancing the farming community shines through in everything she does.

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Thanks for introducing us to your wonderful team. It’s nice to meet you all. Your commitment to healthy, sustainable farming is a pleasure to experience. THANK YOU!


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