FAQ's about Edible Everson farm to table dinner series

FAQ's about Edible Everson farm to table dinner series

Frequently asked questions about the 2023 farm to table dinner series Edible Everson.

Hear what some of our guests are saying about our first Edible Everson dinner: 

"Great evening Matthew and Katie! We met a lot of nice people and exchanged contact info with some of them. Great way to make new friends!"

"I feel the respect that each of you gives to the beautiful pigs, and all the plants and trees that you grow.  Your farm stands In gratitude to Mother Earth and all her gifts. I loved the  evening walk after an amazing meal. Thank you again for bringing us together as a community, and showing us all by your example, we must know how the food on our plates came to be there."

"We love walking around the farm, hearing you talk so lovingly of your pigs and watching your gestures back up your words. We're grateful that you did the hard work to attract a really delightful group of people to spend an evening with.
We are doubly grateful to have been introduced to Lummi Island Wild.  We are sure to become loyal customers."
"Thanks so much for the beautiful dinner experience this past weekend." 

What does the timeline of an Edible Everson dinner look like?

5:00-5:15 - Arrive, meet other guests, welcome beverage.

5:15-6:00 - Farm tour with Matthew & Katie of Alluvial Farms.

6:00-6:30 - Table service of welcome bite, soup, and salad. Talk by Chef Curtis about food preparation methods. Initial beverage service. 

6:30-7:00 - Main course, paired beverage and dinner time talk with featured guest farmer.

7:00-9:00 - Dessert and beverage pairing. Finish with a sunset farm tour and bonfire with newfound friends.

What should I wear?

For our September dinner we will start with a farm tour outdoors - roughly a 45 minute walk with a variety of terrain. Dinner service will take place inside. It looks like partly sunny and temperatures in the 50's the day of the event so please dress accordingly and remember to wear comfortable shoes that you can walk in. It can get colder in the evenings so come prepared with a jacket or sweatshirt to keep you comfortable. 

In the event of rain guests will still have the option of a farm tour so be sure to check the weather and dress appropriately. 

What kinds of dietary restrictions can be accommodated?

We are unable to cater to any severe food allergies or dietary restrictions due to the small nature of our operation.  

Is there alcohol at the event? Can I bring my own?

Yes. The ticket price includes either alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage pairings with the multi-course dinner. Once you have purchased tickets we will send you a link to a survey that will ask for your preferences about drink service and other types of accommodations. For your safety, we suggest that you arrange for a designated driver or plan for a driving service to get you home safely.

Outside alcohol will not be permitted.

Are children allowed at the event? Do they need a ticket too?

Yes, children are welcome at this event. We do ask that parents maintain close supervision of their children as there are hazards around the farm and out of respect for other dinner guests.

Children under 6 can share a ticket with their grown up. Ages 7-10 depends on their eating habits. Light eaters can share with their grown up and big eaters will need their own ticket.

Can I bring my pet?

As much as we would love to meet your furry family member, pets are not allowed at these events.

Can Alluvial Farms accommodate my accessibility needs?

We love showing all of you what it is we do here and that leads us around the farm on uneven terrain. If you require additional assistance or have medical needs that you’d like to communicate with us, please let us know in the survey link that will be sent to you once your tickets are purchased. Please keep in mind that there is an implied Assumption of Risk of Damage or Injury at these events. We work tirelessly to ensure the comfort and safety of our guests, but we do encounter a variety of terrains and weather can change without warning. If you have questions about the accessibility of this event, please email us at info@alluvialfarms.com.  

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