Five ways to save time and make dinner easy

Five ways to save time and make dinner easy

Here are five ways that Alluvial Farms custom pork shares help you save time and make dinner easy: 

  1. Shop from your freezer all year: Imagine you could get easy access to a wide variety of our mouthwatering pork and say goodbye to annoying extra grocery store trips. Bacon, butt shoulder, picnic shoulder, chops, sausage, soup bones, and more. One freezer fill and you’re done! “Shop” from your freezer all year long, instead of wasting time at the store. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you have quality local meat in your freezer that will lasts you all year. Plus it will free up a ton of time in your busy schedule. And space in your brain. No constantly adding pork to your weekly shopping list.

  2. Meal Planning: Plan your meals in advance based on the cuts of pork you receive in your share. This can help you streamline your cooking process and avoid last-minute decisions. Look up recipes that utilize the specific cuts you have, and you'll be able to quickly put together delicious and satisfying meals.

  3. Vacuum Sealing and Freezing: Alluvial Farms offers high quality vacuum-sealed packaging for every cut in your pork share. This helps preserve the freshness and quality of the meat. Your share will arrive frozen, and you can defrost only what you need for each meal, reducing waste and saving time. Chops or links thaw in a bowl of cold water in a matter of hours, and roasts can be thawed in advance or you can put a frozen roast directly in a slow cooker or soup pot, just add cooking time. 

  4. Bulk Cooking and Prepping: Use Alluvial Farms' Nose to Tail Pork Cooking Techniques e-book to design meals that require minimal effort and cleanup. Consider spending some time on a designated day to do bulk cooking and prepping. For example, you can marinate, season, or partially cook several portions of pork at once, and then re-freeze them for later use. This way, you'll have ready-to-cook components that can significantly cut down your dinner preparation time during busy weekdays. One-pot dishes, like stews, soups, and casseroles, allow you to combine various ingredients, including pork, in a single cooking vessel. Similarly, sheet pan meals involve roasting a variety of ingredients, such as pork and vegetables, on a single sheet pan. These methods save time on preparation and reduce the number of dishes you'll need to wash.

  5. Complimentary delivery in Whatcom County: Reserve your share by placing your down payment in our online store. Complete your customization form online. Reply to confirm when we send your delivery scheduling email, pay your balance due online, and then magically, cases of beautiful, frozen at the peak of freshness Alluvial Farms pork appears on your doorstep. We also offer on-farm pick up: give your pork purchase a new meaning when you meet the pigs who made it happen, and take a self guided tour around the site where your pig lived it's happy life. Delivery to Skagit, Snohomish, and King counties is also available for a fee.

“Thanks for raising the best pork around! 90% of the meat our family consumes is from Alluvial, and it feels good to know that it is healthy and humanely raised. Thanks for all that you do!”

- Alluvial Farms custom share client

Here's how it works:

  • Reserve your share with a down payment in our online store.

  • Follow this link to our online survey, also linked in our online store in the product description. The survey tells us your ideal delivery month, and all the customization details for different parts of the share. We are harvesting pigs and fulfilling custom share orders year round. 

  • Once you provide a down payment you will receive the following emails:

  1. Immediate: order confirmation email
  2. Three to four weeks before delivery, on the date of the harvest for your share: request to confirm delivery date and request to complete online survey for those who have not done this already. 
  3. One week to a few days before delivery: email with delivery or pick up details, and a solid date your share will be ready. At this time you will also recieve a second email with a link to an online invoice for the balance due on your share. You can pay the balance due online with credit card or bank transfer. 
  • Schedule complimentary delivery in Whatcom county or arrange pick up on the farm or at the Bellingham Farmers Market. Delivery is available for a fee to Skagit, Snohomish, and King counties.

  • Pay your balance due online through our email invoices, or with cash or check on delivery.

  • Stock your freezer with delicious pork.

Reserve your pastured pork share today with a down payment in our online store. 
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