How to cook fresh sliced pork hocks from Alluvial Farms

How to cook fresh sliced pork hocks from Alluvial Farms

How to cook fresh ham hocks

Chef Curtis offered a cooking demo on fresh pork hocks at last Saturdays farm stand. Fresh pork hocks are a lesser known cut that doesn't get the attention it deserves. This cut is full of flavor and falls off the bone but is often overshadowed by smoked pork hocks. The recipe below lets you skip the smoker and still deliver a hearty delicious meal.

Ham Hock Recipe Instapot followed by Ham Hock and potato chowder

o 1-2 packages of alluvial ham hocks rinsed, dried and salted.
o 1 to 2 quarts of stock (Either pork/ chicken/ vegetable or even water if stock is not available). Using stock just adds flavor, the pork will flavor the water to be used in the next recipe.
o Herbs (optional)

o Instapot
o Slotted spoon
o Strainer

o  Salt sliced hock and sear until browned using Sautee function of Instapot, just a few minutes on each side.
o  Place ham hocks, stock to just below the top of hocks, and herbs into Instapot.
o  Place lid on and set the vent to sealed.
o  Cook on high for 40 minutes and let run.
o  When 40 minutes are up let the natural vent go for 20 minutes and then release remaining pressure.
o  Remove hocks with a slotted spoon and remove bones. You can then leave them in chunks or chop them depending on how you want to use them.
o  Strain liquid and save in fridge or freezer until it will be used.


Ham Hock and potato chowder

This recipe is a blank canvas for you to add your own spin on it. For example you could think of it like a baked potato and then add toppings, or go with a curry flavor profile and add vegetables and greens. (Gluten Free)


o Ham Hocks (cooked and chopped)
o 2-3 tbs unsalted butter
o 1 yellow onion - small diced
o 3-4 cloves of garlic - minced
o 2-3 large russet potatoes – medium diced
o 2 quarts of stock. Use liquid from cooking hocks and add either chicken or pork stock if you have it.
o Herbs – fine chopped
o 1 pack of plain instant mashed potatoes
o Half and half or cream as needed. Around 3-4 cups tops
o Salt and Pepper – to taste


o Cutting board
o Knife
o Soup pot
o Cooking spoon
o Whisk


o  Cut all veggies and have them ready to cook.
o  Melt butter in soup pot on medium/ low heat and place in chopped onions.
o  Sweat until translucent and add garlic and cook until fragrant.
o  When garlic is fragrant place potatoes into pot and stir.
o  Place stock/ cooking liquid into pot and make sure potatoes are completely covered and bring to a simmer.
o  Cook until potatoes are fork tender and add liquid if needed
o  Slowly sprinkle instant mashed potatoes into liquid and let it bloom in steps until the consistency is thicker than a normal chowder.
o  Add herbs and let simmer for 2-3 minutes.
o  Slowly whisk in half and half until you reach your desired consistency.
o  Finish with salt and pepper to taste and serve


o  You can cook this same recipe with a Roux or cornstarch slurry if that is your preferred
o  You can also add any sorts of vegetables/ herbs/ or garnishes that you wish.
o This recipe is more of a blank canvas for you to add your own spin on it.

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