Loyal Companions

Loyal Companions


Recently we sent out a newsletter asking for feedback about our new pet treat line and many of you provided valuable responses.

As a thank you to those of you that completed the survey we entered you into a giveaway for a free gift bag of Alluvial Farms products. The winner is . . .

Suzanne Harris and Rizzoli

As our winners we wanted to learn a little more about Suzanne and Rizzoli.

Suzanne is a retired educator and Rizzoli is a Lagotto Romagnolo, an Italian water dog, which Suzanne had never heard of until she found her and they became best buds. They love to hike and camp but most of all, they love to just spend time together. They’ve been taking lessons in the sports of K9 Nosework and Agility, which Rizzoli loves. Rizzoli has also been trained to hunt truffles and they hope to find some this winter. 

In the survey Suzanne chose humanely raised animals and sourced from family farms as the most important attributes they look for when buying pet treats. She choose Alluvial Farms pet treats because,

“I love the job Alluvial Farms is doing raising their pigs. Since I choose to eat meat, it’s important to me that the animals have had the best care possible and are respected and treated well.”

When asked what challenges she encounter when looking for food and treats for her dog she said,

“Rizzoli loves to eat and it’s easier to count the things she doesn’t like than everything that she does. I do like to buy products that are healthy and local if possible. I enjoy making her dinners and some treats, but am excited about the treats Alluvial is producing. Rizzoli loves pork!”

We want to thank Suzanne for being a customer of ours for the last few years. They originally found us at the Bellingham Farmers Market and have been purchasing half-shares since.


- Katie & Matthew


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