About us

Our mission is to make your life easier.

Put a delicious and healthy meal on the table with ease when you have a freezer full of Alluvial Farms pork.

Care for your skin and maintain health and wellness routines with peace of mind when you have a medicine cabinet of Alluvial Farms Oinkment.

Provide high quality, human grade nourishment for your canine companions with Alluvial Farms pet treats.

Our farm experiences are joyful ways to connect with your farmers, learn how your food is grown, and help our kids know what it sounds, smells, and looks like to produce food in the Pacific Northwest.

Who we are

Alluvial Farms is owned and managed by Katie Pencke and Matthew McDermott.

Established in 2016 we launched Alluvial Farms to serve Puget Sound area eaters interested in delicious, pasture raised pork grown using regenerative practices by a family they can meet and on a farm they can visit and enjoy.

Together we have over thirty-three years of experience in the agriculture profession.

What we do

"Knowledgeable, professional owners. They always answered questions and followed up when required. We appreciate the delivery and look forward to eating the pork and visiting the farm."


“ I would say the largest value that I see when I spend money with y’all is that it is going directly to the family that is doing the work. The more direct I can be in contact those who are providing food to my family ~ the more likely I’ll purchase and the more I’m willing to pay knowing that it is a direct investment in the people and community.”


“This share looks sooo good. The only problem is I can’t decide what to defrost first. We’re stoked. Thank you so much for bringing us our half share today and raising the blessed animal. ”


“I used some Alluvial Farms lard this thanksgiving in the crust for my pumpkin pie. It was the best pie crust I have ever made!”


“Thank you for the delicious pork we got from you - what a treat ! Thank you also for the gift; I love pork fat and put it to very good use. Wishing you a healthy and happy New Year”


“The bacon is beautiful. The side pork speaks of the life that the pig lived!! This pig had a great life. No hungry days and a proper diet!! Thank you! For doing such a wonderful job! (Bacon emoji, smiley face emoji)”


“It was such a pleasure to see your farm last year - not only was I impressed by how you’re raising your pigs, but also by your resourceful use of things like Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (for stream restoration) and USDA EQIP funds (for compost facility construction and other barnyard enhancements).”


“We are extremely happy with our purchase and will be ordering again in the future. Our kids loved seeing the pigs (and piglets) when we came out to the pumpkin patch. I hope the pumpkins will be a yearly thing. That was also a great value and experience. ”


“Thanks for raising the best pork around! 90% of the meat our family consumes is from Alluvial, and it feels good to know that it is healthy and humanely raised. Thanks for all that you do!”


“We bought a few items when we visited your pumpkin patch and honestly it is the best meat we have ever tasted. It was so lovely to talk to my kids about seeing the way your pigs lived in relation to eating amazingly delicious food. We related it to walking out in our garden to eat veggies we grew, or eggs from our chickens. We decided you could truly taste love! Thanks for showing us there is a better way!”


“OH MY GOODNESS!!!! We love our meat from you!!!! The country ribs wowowowowowo amazing!! ”


“Thank you so much for sharing your time with us last night and showing us your farm. WOW! So impressive what’s been accomplished in such a short amount of time. And your pigs are so happy! Please thank Ramone for being such a wonderful welcoming committee, host, and tour guide. He’s a great kid!!
I’ll let you know how much we enjoy your pork selection and I’m sure we’ll be ordering more!”


“I tried the pork chops I got at the farmers market and they were delicious. I gave some to my best friend and she almost died they were so good.”


“By the way your pork is the best we have ever tasted :) ”


“The pork we order from you is the best we have ever tasted. I have recipes coming out of my ears...”


“Thank you! We love your products!!”


“Just quickly want you to know I LOVE your product. We have got a small freezer devoted to our pork from your farm and we love it. I know it is quality and amazing. But interestingly my kids are commenting too. Blessed to have you. Thanks!”


“Usually we just get sausages and bacon, which we love, but for the holidays when having guests over we had picnic roasts and ham, and it was AMAZING. All of our guests loved the food. I look forward to getting more of it in the future.”


“Your pork is AMAZING and we are so excited for how much we have left of in our freezer!! And we’re a little embarrassed by how much we’ve eaten so far ;).
Thank you, and we hope to come see your farm sometime soon when we’re up in Everson!”


“Alluvial farms produces the best pork available in Whatcom county! They have created an amazing farm where you can buy pork from pigs that lead truly happy lives, and eat quality sustainably produced feed. Katie and Matt are very friendly and happy to answer questions and share their farming experience with members of the community. Thier pork is simply the best I’ve ever had. I use their ground pork, bacon and roasts on a regular basis. This is truly a unique opportunity to be able to buy local meat from a great family farm and enjoy the best pork imaginable!”


“Matt and Katie are awesome! They have a sincere love for what they do and it shows!”


“I recently picked up my second quarter pig share. Why? Because this is the most delicious pork I have had in years! It is tender, juicy and sweet. I actually have not tasted pork this scrumptious since I was a kid, and I’m 70 years old now. My husband says it’s the best bacon he has ever tasted...and I agree. Try this pork! You will not be disappointed! And Katie and Matthew are wonderful.”


“We love Alluvial Farms. Over the past two years, we have purchased from them on multiple occasions and have experienced superior quality throughout the entire process. It is good to know the farmers who raise the food that you eat. And it’s even better to know farmers who care so deeply for their work, land, and animals. To sum it up: support your local farmers, especially these local farmers.”


“Delicious pork raised by a kind family. Health of the animals and land are top priorities at Alluvial. A USDA certified mobile processing unit comes to the farm for harvest days. This detail shows the dedication to the animals quality of life and contributes to a great final product. Meat you can feel good about eating!”