Meet the team behind the pet treats

Meet the team behind the pet treats

Ever been curious about the faces behind your dogs favorite daily treats? Get ready to meet the awesome folks who make it happen.

First up we have the incredible farmers who make our pet treats so special. These dedicated individuals pour their passion into raising the happiest pigs for your furry friends. Matthew and Curtis have been tending to the farm with love and care, creating a haven where pigs roam freely, enjoying a life full of joy and comfort. Their commitment to ethical farming practices and ensuring the well-being of every pig is truly inspiring.

Farmer & Alluvial Farms co-owner: Matthew McDermott
Matthew and his trusty farm companion, Trout, share an incredible bond forged through many adventures including hiking the California and Washington portions of the Pacific Crest Trail.

Farmer Spotlight: Curtis
Curtis is a classically trained chef, showcasing his culinary mastery through locally sourced dinners and captivating cooking demos right here on the farm. His journey began with an interest in learning farming practices, making him an invaluable and seamless addition to our dedicated team.

Production Manager Spotlight: Rob Jordan
Rob enjoys working in agriculture so much so that he maintains three food system jobs from seeds, vegetables and Alluvial value added pet treats. From carefully selecting the finest ingredients to handcrafting each treat with precision and love, Rob brings a unique touch to the world of pet snacks.

 His journey in creating these treats has been marked by passion and determination. Rob has been there every step of the way, from conceptualization to execution, pouring his heart and soul into the process. His expertise and attention to detail have been instrumental in bringing these treats to life, making him an indispensable player in our endeavor to provide pets with wholesome and delicious snacks.


Next, meet the marketing team at Alluvial Farms. Katie and Alex are the dynamic duo steering the ship of ethical pet treat dreams and propelling our pet products into the limelight. With boundless creativity, they craft enchanting campaigns and share heartwarming stories that touch the hearts of pet parents everywhere.

These creatives are the masterminds behind the smiles our posts bring and the architects of every promotion that gets tails wagging. They have a knack for turning treats into tales and transforming our brand into a thriving community.


Lead Marketer & Alluvial Farms co-owner: Katie Pencke
Katie's passion for farming sprouted from her undergraduate work in ecology. At the age of 29, she spent a thrilling 13 months bike touring and woofing across the USA and Europe. When she returned home, those adventures would sow the seeds of her fascination with agriculture and led to professional experiences as a program manager for Seattle Tilth and Conservation Planner at King and Whatcom Conservation Districts. Now, whether crafting compelling campaigns or growing happy healthy pigs, she brings a unique blend of marketing prowess and a green thumb to the team.

Marketing Assistant: Alex
Alex joined our team with a passion for farming and a wealth of experience. Before joining Alluvial Farms, she served as a dedicated ranch manager in Tenino, WA. From handling cattle and pigs to revamping the marketing program, Alex's skills and knowledge are deeply rooted in the agricultural world. Her commitment to sustainable farming and enhancing the farming community shines through in everything she does.


Last but certainly not least, the beloved dogs of Alluvial Farms. These furry companions have played an invaluable role as dedicated taste testers right from the start. With their discerning taste buds and boundless enthusiasm, they've provided us with invaluable feedback and countless tail-wagging experiences along the way.

Meet Trout, the wise elder statesman of the pack at 13 years old. With years of experience under his collar, Trout brings a wealth of wisdom and a refined palate to the table. His discerning taste and approval have been instrumental in perfecting our treats, ensuring that each batch meets the highest standards of deliciousness.

And then there's Marshall, the energetic youngster at just 4 months old. Full of boundless energy and endless curiosity, Marshall approaches every tasting session with excitement. His playful spirit and eager feedback remind us that our treats are not only delicious but also irresistibly enjoyable for dogs of all ages.

Together, Trout and Marshall have shown us that every training session, mealtime, or spontaneous treat break is made better with Alluvial Pork Liver Pet Treats and Meal Topper. Their enthusiasm and unwavering approval serve as a constant reminder of the joy and satisfaction our treats bring to dogs everywhere. Here's to Trout, Marshall, and all the furry friends who inspire us to create the best possible treats each and every day.


- Alluvial Pets Team


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