Save the Date! Saturday September 16 is the 2023 Whatcom County Farm Tour.

Save the Date! Saturday September 16 is the 2023 Whatcom County Farm Tour.

Alluvial Farms will be open to the public on Saturday September 16 from 10 am to 4 pm as part of the Whatcom County Farm Tour. And the Farm Tour is one of many events that make up the September Eat Local Month celebration. 

Whether you're looking for cooking inspiration at home or seeking an adventure to get you out of the house, Sustainable Connections has you covered in September with Eat Local Month. Participate in the Whatcom County Farm Tour, visit farm stands, discover a new market, learn about our region's rich seafood offerings, or enjoy a meal from one of the many restaurants whipping up specials with local ingredients! There are so many ways to get a taste of what grows here during Eat Local Month!

Celebrate local food with Sustainable Connections in September with Eat Local Month! It’s the perfect time to reconnect with the delicious fresh flavors of Northwest Washington when many fruits and veggies are at peak ripeness. The Whatcom County Farm Tour, Farm Week, Market Week, Seafood Week, and Restaurant Week are full of opportunities to enjoy and support our local food community! Not to mention, you can win hundreds of dollars worth of tasty eats, treats, and adventures! 

Here at Alluvial Farms we’re so excited to be a stop on the 2023 Whatcom County Farm Tour, one of the biggest events for September Eat Local Month! This is an incredible opportunity to learn more about what life is like on our farm.  for even more fun and learning experiences! This family friendly, FREE event is on Saturday, September 16 from 10 am – 4 pm. See you at the Farm Tour! #EatLocalFirst #EatLocalMonth2023 #FarmTour #eatlocalfirstnw

Take a break from the hustle and bustle and come find some peaceful time out in the county.

 Have you ever wanted to wander around a farm and see what a land-based, first generation family business looks like?

 Imagine watching our current nursery full of 40 baby pigs frolicking around under four mamas’ watchful eyes…

  • Taste a grape ripe from the vine,

  • Learn how we compost, reuse, and upcycle all our waste on the farm,

  • Play with one of our barn cats,

  • Feed a fall apple to one of our 50 grower pigs in their field paddock.

  • Visit with the Whatcom Conservation District information booth to learn about all of their free and confidential services and incentive programs for rural landowners. 

 You can take it all in with your kids and relax in a shady (or dry) seat on our covered porch. Enjoy without being rushed. It’s truly something special.

 Farmers Matthew and Katie will be on hand in the barn and the field to tell stories and answer all your questions in person.

 Our farm stand will be open and fully stocked with all the high quality pork, pet treats, and wellness products we make here.

Will we see you there? We can't wait to meet you. Saturday September 16, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Another great way to participate in the Whatcom County Farm Tour is join our friends at Bike Northwest to ride between the five Everson farms on the tour. 

Click here for more information on Eat Local Month, and the Whatcom County Farm Tour. 

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goodmorning. we are wondering whether our pork share is ready to be picked up soon?

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