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Alluvial Farms

Pure Lard Cooking Oil

Pure Lard Cooking Oil

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12 oz. jar. Rendered by us, your farmers. Ingredients: pork leaf and back fat from Alluvial Farms pigs. Lard Toast, lard pancakes, lard for cooking your eggs or your steak. Alluvial Farms’ lard has no flavor of it’s own and is a healthy fat, like an avocado. Some studies have shown pork fat to be one of the most healthy foods on the planet! Keep in freezer until opening. Keep refrigerated after opening unless you use a lot of it like we do and we just leave the open jar on the counter by the stove. Available as single 12 oz. jars or twelve to a case. 

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A la carte pork cuts from Alluvial Farms


Our pastured Berkshire pork is certified Animal Welfare Approved. All cuts are sold frozen, and are processed under USDA inspection by our butchers at the Island Grown Farmers Cooperative. Vacuum sealed packaging keeps cuts fresh for up to a year in the freezer. Known as the Kobe beef of pork, the Bershire breed produces beautifully marbled pork with a dark red color and delicious flavor.

“Thanks so much for the great experience. Our family said that was the best Ham they ever had:)”

- 2022 custom share client -

  • “Your products are the best pork I have ever had. Thank you! I shall return.”

  • “Thanks for the tour last weekend. Love your enterprise, and grateful for your presence in our community. I have been eating your pork for a while now! Yum....The new lip balm is stellar by the way!”

  • “I cooked a sirloin roast yesterday and served up with potatoes and applesauce, and the family loved it! Very high quality, and humanely raised. Thank you Alluvial Farms!!”

  • “So far we have tried the bacon and breakfast sausage and cooking lard. Everything has been delicious. I appreciate the vacuum seal too. Makes it easy to thaw.”

Check off all your pork shopping for the year with one purchase.

A custom pork share from Alluvial Farms help you put delicious, humanely raised pork on the table for family or guests. With the convenience of just walking to your freezer. Choose a whole, half, or quarter share for the full range of cuts. Free delivery in Whatcom County.